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NC Child Support Guidelines

The North Carolina child support guidelines include information on the three year review, civil contempt, and any non-compliance issues. There is an automatic and a optional three year review of child support cases. The automatic review happens every three years if the custodial parent receives any type of public assistance on top of the child support payments you send in each month. The optional review can be done if the custodial parent asks for a review at that time. It is never to early to start preparing for this review by lowering your income through no fault and by protecting yourself from having your payments raised.

If you have not realized that child support is held to a very high standard in the United States we are here to tell you that it is. You can be charged by the state and by the federal government for non payment of your court ordered child support. If you fail to pay your payments on time and begin to accumulate arrearages the court may find that you are in civil contempt of a lawful court order and have you come to court to show just cause. This means that you will have to give a good reason for falling behind and most excuses will not keep you out of jail if you are found in contempt. Remember you should always find a way to be in court if you have a court date and not try to run from the resposibility. This will not go away and if you so much as go through a traffic stop they will take you to jail to answer why you did not show to your court hearing. Usually, as long as you do not get at least a full month behind on your payments, meaning that you make partitial payments that keep you from being the full amount in arrears the case worker does not send out a non-compliance letter and also does not file for a court date to have you show cause. This can vary depending on certain circumstances and if you have already paid a purge and had arrears adjudicated.

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